Academic & Personal Support

Academic & Personal Support

The fact that Emerald Eagle Scholars are from lower - income backgrounds will not stop them from enjoying academic success. Like all other students, Emerald Eagle Scholars are admitted to UNT through the regular competitive admissions process based on their high school rank and test scores and without regard to financial status. In fact, eligibility for the Emerald Eagle Scholars program is not established until after a student has applied for financial aid.

However, most of the Emerald Eagle Scholars are the first in their family to attend college and neither they nor their parents are quite sure to expect. These students have challenges unlike those of their higher - income peers, and research studies indicate that low - income students facing these challenges are more likely than others to leave college prior to graduation.

Understanding these challenges, UNT provides the academic and social support services to Emerald Eagle Scholars who are working hard to maintain a strong GPA over 2.5 and earn 15 semester credits each fall and spring term in order to meet the program requirements. The people providing these services are committed to helping Emerald Eagles achieve and maintain collegiate success from the time of admission to the celebration of their graduation.

The benefits of this program are more than just financial:

  • Orientation: Special orientation sessions are held for Emerald Eagle Scholars and their parents to welcome them to UNT, tell them more about the opportunities available through the program and provide information to help them get off to a strong start in college. Learn more about Orientation.
  • On-campus housing especially for Emerald Eagle Scholars: Emerald Eagle Scholars live together, study together and hang out together in Clark Hall, forming their own R.E.A.L. Community (which stands for Residents Engaged in Academic Living) on the UNT campus. Learn more about R.E.A.L. Communities.
  • The Suite in Sage Hall: The Suite is located on the second floor of Sage Hall in room 233. The Suite’s purpose is to serve as a resource center of the program’s academic and financial requirements for students, faculty and staff and is open from 8:00 - 5:00pm, M - F. There, student advisors serve as a resource for their peers and are able to answer questions about financial aid, work study, housing, enrollment and the Emerald Eagle Student Organization, among others.
  • The Emerald Eagle Student Organization (EESO): The EESO is open to all Emerald Eagle Scholars who would like to voice opinions, concerns and provide input and guidance about program requirement and opportunities to program staff and administration. The EESO also provides many social opportunities like tailgating at football games, community services projects and fundraising opportunities.
  • Mentors: The purpose of the mentoring program is to help Emerald Eagles engage with student life very successfully on campus and in the community. Students who elect to participate in this opportunity will be matched with an individual or group mentor by the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs. Learn more about the ACCESS Mentoring Program.

The Emerald Eagle Scholars consistently earn more credit hours each semester and graduate in less time than their peers. UNT is very proud of these scholars!