This website is for current UNT students in the Emerald Eagle Scholars Program. For high school students looking to find out more about the Emerald Eagle Scholars Program and what we have to offer, click the button below.

Eligibility Requirements for Continuing Students

Financial Eligibility

  • Must be Pell Grant eligible.
  • Must complete the FAFSA application every year.
  • If selected for verification, must complete the verification process by the Census Date of each fall semester.
  • Note: Failure to meet the deadlines can jeopardize your award and status in the Emerald Eagle Scholars Program.

Academic Eligibility

  • Must maintain a UNT cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher.
  • Must enroll in at least 12 credit hours each semester per academic year.
  • Successfully pass at least 24 credit hours by the end of the academic year (Recommended: 15 hours for Fall; 15 hours for Spring).
  • Complete at least one campus engagement requirement per semester.

All scholars must complete at least one campus engagement every semester. Students can select a different engagement each semester. Your selection must be submitted via Canvas by October 15 for the fall semester and March 15 for the spring semester.

Students can choose from:

  • On-campus/work-study job.**
  • Band, cheer, dance, Green Jackets, Fraternity/Sorority, student organization.
  • Emerald Eagle Scholars Organization.
  • Pin Program.
  • TRiO/F.L.Y.
  • 5 hours of the Learning Center sessions.
  • 10 hours of community service. Please note the Emerald Eagle Scholars Program is not responsible for any injuries incurred while volunteering. You are volunteering at your own risk.
  • NEST Program.*
  • First-year students are required to engage with Access Mentoring. Students will be auto enrolled.

*For first-year students only.
**You must have a job by October 15 to count for the Fall semester and by February 15 to count for the Spring semester.

The EESP offers exclusive programming to our scholars. Please refer to Canvas for information about enrollment.

Pin Programs

What are Pin Programs? Pin Programs are exclusive opportunities for Emerald Eagle Scholars to gain unique experiences, develop skill sets in a variety of areas, and build their resumes! After successful completion of the Pin Program, students will earn an achievement pin to proudly display on their Emerald Eagle Scholars graduation stole!

Pin Program for Excellence in Service

The Pin Program for Excellence in Service seeks to move past the community service hour requirement for all Emerald Eagle Scholars. For students interested and passionate about service, we add to their community service experiences by providing a series of six workshops centered on the Social Change Model of Leadership. This gives students the opportunity to network with other Emerald Eagle Scholars passionate about service and connect their experiences engaging in service to social change.

Open to all classifications of Emerald Eagle Scholars!

Pin Program for Leadership

The Pin Program for Leadership is a six-week leadership workshop series grounded in learning and applying leadership theory to reach academic, career, and personal success. We will work to identify your leadership skills, understand your values, build your personal mission statement, and start to make your goals become reality.

Open to all classifications of Emerald Eagle Scholars!

Pin Program for Global Exploration

The Pin Program for Global Exploration is an almost all expense paid study abroad program for Emerald Eagle Scholars. To be eligible: You must be a continuing student. First-year students are NOT eligible. You must be in good standing with the EESP. Please note, the application process is now closed.

View the flyer for the Florence, Italy trip.

New Emerald Scholars in Transitions (NEST)

NEST was created as a transitional program for first year Emerald Eagle Scholars. We know that students receive a lot of information throughout Orientation and First Flight Week; we wanted to emphasize resources and assist in your transition during the first half of your semester. Additionally, NEST provides skills needed to maintain a healthy college lifestyle and learn to properly adult.

NEST is a 6-week program where we focus on academic support, physical and mental health awareness, financial literary, and adulting 101 skills.

Open to first-year students only!

Pending funding, the Emerald Eagle Scholars Program strives to offer students some funding towards summer coursework taken at UNT. Applications are available in the spring semester and a holistic review is conducted to determine who will be awarded funding. Students applying for funding must submit a UNT summer financial aid application prior to filling out the EESP Summer Funding Application. It is important to know that funding is limited and not every applicant may be awarded summer funding. Please note the summer funding application is now closed.

**Note: Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours to receive funding.

Are you taking classes at a community college?

If you take summer courses outside of UNT, please ensure you send an unofficial copy of your transcript to The Emerald Eagle Scholars Program once your classes conclude. Please note that non-UNT coursework can count towards the full-time student status requirement, but will not count towards the 2.5 GPA requirement (UNT cumulative GPA only).

You will be notified of the Appeals Process at the end of the fall or at the end of the summer semester, after grades have been posted, if you have been removed from the Emerald Eagle Scholars Program due to not meeting the program requirements.

Scholars who are removed from the program have a one-time chance to appeal the decision to be reinstated back into the program. The appeals process happens at the beginning of the fall and spring semester.

A committee will review all applications and make all appeal decisions. If you are reinstated, you may have to meet certain requirements throughout the academic year. If you are reinstated, you will receive the Emerald Eagle Award that same semester you appealed.